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Alpha clean air technology co ltd is a Cleanroom Turnkey Solution provider specializing in design,manufacturing,construction,commissioning and validation services of cleanrooms and associated products. The company is located in the Shenzhen Guangdong Province, The company has established a team with experienced, skilled and strong sense of responsibility. The company attaches great importance to scientific production and management, has advanced production equipment and product technology, and adopts scientific and strict testing methods. The perfect quality management system is the guarantee of product quality. In the field of air pollution control, we continue to innovate to meet the needs of the technical industries such as precision electronics, medical and health, cosmetics, food, precision instrumentation, aerospace, bioengineering and scientific research. Property management When your operating room, laboratory, GMP workshop, electronics factory and other clean spaces encounter problems that affect your work... When your clean space has problems and needs service... When your clean space and various devices need to be replaced and maintained... ——Let's solve the problem for you. " Trade with honesty, business in professional" as company philosophy.To provide you with first-class service and quality. Business Scope Consultation, design, construction, testing, acceptance and maintenance of new construction, renovation and upgrading of operating rooms, laboratories, GMP workshops, electronic workshops, etc. Clean rooms. Air purification equipment (air shower, clean workbench, fan filter unit FFU, clean shed, pass box, air supply, dust-free wardrobe, combined type air cabinet, etc.), purification supplies (various air filters, dust-free clothes, caps, shoes, gloves, finger cots, masks, dust-free cloth, sticky mats, etc.), and medical laboratory equipment (biological safety cabinets, biological constant temperature and humidity incubators, fume hoods, etc.). Electromechanical products: air shower, FFU low noise, DF series fan, clean room instrument (particle counter, anemometer, noise meter, illuminance meter, etc.).

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