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Intelligent Variable Air Volume VAV Fume Hood monitoring alarm

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: alphaclean
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Polywood packing
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100sets
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Detail Information

Material: Coated Color Steel Size: 1200*800*2350mm/1500*800*2350mm/1800*800*2350mm
Noise: ≤62dB(A) Application: Class 100 Lab / Laboratory Clean Room
Air Flow: Downflow Hepa Filter: 99.999% Efficiency At 0.3um
Display: LED Display
High Light:

VAV Fume Hood


Variable Air Volume Fume Hood


Downflow VAV Fume Hood

Product Description

Intelligent Variable Air Volume VAV Fume Hood Monitoring Alarm


Intelligent VAV Control Fume Hood


Intelligent VAV control fume hood, fume hood VAV intelligent control panel, fume hood vav control system is a high-configuration fume hood, this type of internal air supply fume hood is designed by our company with a unique mezzanine air supply structure, which fully protects the outdoor 100% of the air is added to the inside of the fume hood and directly discharged outside, so that the air added from the room does not affect the internal environment of the laboratory, so that the indoor airflow is balanced, and it will not cause the air and temperature in the laboratory when the fume hood is used. Great loss, thereby greatly reducing laboratory energy consumption and air loss, making the experiment maintain a relatively stable environment, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, greatly improving the comfort and environmental protection of the laboratory. Features of internal air supply fume hood:

◆The optimized design of the air supplement system completely eliminates turbulence and saves energy consumption for heating and air conditioning.

◆Proprietary deflector technology effectively eliminates the exhaust dead angle.

◆The inner wall is fully sealed and seamlessly connected, and there are no metal parts in the working area.

◆The system runs reliably to ensure the safety of laboratory staff

◆Advanced window explosion-proof sliding door design, free lifting, safe and comfortable. (It can also be designed to open the window remotely)

◆High-quality exhaust motor, stable, reliable, and low noise.

◆The side panel is detachable, which is convenient for checking and repairing water, gas and electric circuit.

◆It is convenient for construction, installation, maintenance, overhaul and debugging. Laboratory air flow control requirements and control system characteristics:


1. Control goals

1.1) Ensure that the fume hood quickly and effectively discharge harmful substances;

1.2) The surface wind speed of the fume hood is maintained at 0.5m/s ± 20%;

1.3) Alarm for abnormal conditions;

1.4) In the fume hood, the negative pressure is always maintained relative to the laboratory;

1.5) The response time of the fume hood should be less than 3 seconds;


2. Control method-face wind speed direct measurement control method:

2.1) Really measure the surface wind speed, monitor the real value of the surface wind speed in real time, and display it on the panel; because there are many reasons for the change of the surface wind speed, such as: large equipment is placed in the fume hood to block the airflow into the area; people move or change the airflow Changes in surface wind speed caused by such factors. Therefore, it is necessary to truly measure the surface wind speed to truly ensure the emission of harmful gases.

2.2) When the face wind speed is not at the set value, adjust the opening of the exhaust valve to restore the face wind speed to the set value.

2.3) The analog control system is adopted to improve the response speed of the system. The analog system is faster than the digital system.

2.4) Adopt the method of simultaneous real "face wind speed";

2.5) The VAV intelligent control panel of the fume hood shall have the following functions:


i. Intuitive real-time display of face wind speed

ii. When the surface wind speed of the fume hood exceeds the set value range, the panel will give out sound and light alarm function

iii. Maximum exhaust setting: the maximum exhaust button in emergency situations

iv. Minimum exhaust air setting: The exhaust air volume of the fume hood has a lower limit

v. Low wind speed button, after pressing the button, the wind speed setting value becomes 70% of the original setting value

2.6) Adopting dust-proof blocking type wind speed sensor for fume hood: prevent the reference point of the wind speed sensor from drifting and the equipment is blocked by dust.

2.7) The schematic diagram of the direct measurement and control system for the surface wind speed of the fume hood is as follows:


① Anti-corrosion variable air volume valve

② Multifunctional VAV C

③ External wind speed sensor

3. The variable air volume control procedure of the fume hood is as follows:

(1) The face wind speed sensor of the fume hood monitors the actual face wind speed. When the face wind speed is not within the set range, the monitor RXE110 will give an audible and visual alarm.

(2) When the position of the control door of the fume hood changes, the face wind speed of the fume hood changes, and the face wind speed sensor senses the change in wind speed, and transmits the value to the fume hood monitor RXE110, which compares the face wind speed value of the fume hood with the set face wind speed Value, and adjust the opening of the butterfly valve to make the surface wind speed reach the set value.


4. Description of main components of fume hood control:

(1) Fume hood alarm display controller

LED display surface wind speed,

The upper and lower limits of sound and light alarm for face wind speed can be set;

Silencing function;

With the function of maximum airflow in emergency situations;

With a minimum displacement button;

(2) Face wind speed sensor

a) Surface wind speed accuracy 0-200FPM±2FPM

b) With a wind speed sensor, it is not affected by the temperature and humidity of the external environment

c) Installed on the outer wall of the fume hood, and will not be corroded by the strong corrosive gas in the fume hood


Product Name Intelligent VAV Control Fume Hood Product NO. L
Material aluminum Size 4500*1500*900mm
Desk Top MDF, PP, HPL... Brand Name  
MOQ 1 Sets Delivery Time 15~30days
Accessories Socket, Faucet, Gas Fitting, Eyewash, Light,Etc


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