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Automatic Control Fume Supplementary VAV Laminar Airflow Hood

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: alphaclean
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Polywood packing
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100sets
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Detail Information

Material: Coated Color Steel Size: 1 Person Working
Noise: ≤62dB(A) Application: Class 100 Lab / Laboratory Clean Room
Air Flow: Downflow Hepa Filter: 99.999% Efficiency At 0.3um
Display: LED Display
High Light:

VAV Laminar Airflow Hood


VAV Cleaning Laminar Flow Hood


VAV Clean Bench Hood

Product Description

Automatic Control Fume Supplementary VAV Laminar Airflow Hood


Supplementary Air Fume Hood


Adaptive variable air volume control is to adjust the exhaust air volume of the fume hood and the air volume of the room through the change of the opening degree of the fume hood adjustment window in the laboratory. When the fume hood is operated by someone in front of the fume hood, regardless of the height of the window opening and the width of the air inlet Size and indoor air pressure, always accurately control the face wind speed of the fume hood to the set wind speed such as (0.5m/s); when no one is operating, the wind inlet speed of the window will be automatically reduced to the set wind speed such as (0.3 m /s).

The adaptive variable air volume control system adopts German technology. It is the most advanced variable air volume control technology in the field of fume hoods. The system has strong adaptability, less human intervention, fast response speed, and precise valve control. Reduce energy consumption while fully guaranteeing safety.

Applicable occasions: High-end biochemical laboratories with strict requirements on safety, energy consumption and automation
system structure:
The entire variable air volume exhaust system mainly consists of five major parts: fume hood unit, exhaust fan unit, air supply fan unit, pipeline and computer monitoring terminal. The structure is shown in the figure below.


The fume hood unit is the most basic work unit for experimental operations, and is the final control object of the system. The structure diagram of the fume hood is shown in the figure below. Each fume hood unit can be equipped with sensors such as displacement sensors, manned and unmanned sensors, and surface wind speed sensors. These sensors can obtain the use or working status of the fume hood; each fume hood must be equipped with a controller and a regulating valve to realize the whole Various parameters processing and exhaust control of the fume hood.
The exhaust fan unit realizes the exhaust function of the entire building. Generally, a controllable variable frequency motor is used to drive the fan blades to achieve stepless exhaust.
The air supply fan unit monitors the negative pressure status of the entire room. Through the detection and judgment of the indoor and outdoor pressure difference, the air supply fan sends air to the room to ensure proper air pressure in the laboratory and a comfortable working environment in the laboratory.
The computer monitoring terminal is for experimenters or managers to remotely monitor the working status of the entire system through monitoring software, and control specific objects according to user rights.


Automatic Control Fume Supplementary VAV Laminar Airflow Hood 0


Automatic Control Fume Supplementary VAV Laminar Airflow Hood 1


Program features:
■ VAV Variable Air Volume Ventilation (VAV):

Adopting vav variable air volume ventilation technology, no matter how the height and width of the adjustable window of the fume hood changes, as well as the size of the indoor air pressure, by adjusting the exhaust air volume, the surface wind speed of the fume hood is guaranteed to be constant.
■ Automatic control (Auto):

The adaptive and automatic control (Auto) strategy is adopted to obtain whether the fume hood is in a manned operation state through the manned and unmanned sensor, and automatically control the exhaust air. The face wind speed is locked to the set wind speed in the manned and unmanned state respectively, such as (0.35 m/s, 0.3 m/s).
■ Green energy saving (Green):

The system uses adaptive variable air volume exhaust and frequency conversion control to reduce energy consumption to 15% of the traditional exhaust system, allowing users to greatly reduce operating costs, which is green, economical and environmentally friendly (Green).


Product Name Supplementary Air Fume Hood Product NO. L
Material aluminum Size 4500*1500*900mm
Desk Top MDF, PP, HPL... Brand Name  
MOQ 1 Sets Delivery Time 15~30days
Accessories Socket, Faucet, Gas Fitting, Eyewash, Light,Etc


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